Domestic Plumbing and Repairs

For all your domestic plumbing and repairs in Sussex come to Atkins Gas Services.  

For your peace of mind our friendly and courteous team arrive in our company vehicles and wear distinctive uniform. 

We can install energy efficient heating systems, new sinks, plumb in new appliances, and undertake any kind of plumbing and gas work in and around your home. 

Our honest and professional approach means that we have many happy customers and being a local family business we value our client base and aim to give them the best service possible. 

Increasing energy costs mean that energy efficiency is of prime importance for householders.  Let us quote you for new, efficient heating systems and carbon friendly options.

The installation of underfloor heating is becoming popular in new builds.  It not only provides a warm and cosy floor whether under stone or carpet, it does away with the need for dusting radiators! 

Wall hung toilets are also becoming more common as people see the benefits in terms of hygiene and, of course, looks. It's very much easier to clean under a wall hung toilet!

For any domestic plumbing, be it kitchens, bathrooms or boilers, call Atkins Gas Services for support at reasonable rate. 

We are here to handle any kind of domestic plumbing and repair any fault to do with your kitchen, bathroom or boiler.  If you have plans to create a new en suite shower, for instance, or any kind of disabled access for your bathroom or kitchen, give us a call for a quote and friendly service from a local gas expert in Sussex.